superhero movie

I don’t go to the movies in the summer as much as I used to. This is mainly because I’ve given up on superhero movies.

Superhero movies used to be one of my favorite genres—I couldn’t get enough of that original X-Men trilogy.  I remember Alicia Silverstone as Bat Girl.  And for years, I was on the Avengers train—Iron Man I, Thor I, Captain America I, Iron Man II, Thor II, Iron Man III, Avengers I, Captain America II and on and on.

But now it’s just too much. I fell off the X-Men train after Wolverine.  I fell off the Avengers train after Thor II.  I believe I am two Spidermans behind (last time I saw him, Kirsten Dunst played Mary Jane).

And I’m sorry, I’m not watching anymore Batman.

Somewhere along the way, keeping up with all these superheroes I love turned from a pleasurable pastime to something that felt more like a part-time job.

Which brings me to Wonder Woman.

When I saw the trailer, the old excitement bubbled up. Wonder Woman!  Yes!  Finally, a superhero movie starting a tough female.  (I thought Jennifer Garner’s Elektra was pretty good, but I’m in the minority).  This was just the flick to break my superhero movie hiatus.  I gave it a thumbs up in mind, and noted the release date on my calendar.

I would go see it opening night! (Well, the next day.  I’m not on board with this new trend of movies opening at midnight.  I don’t plan on paying top dollar to sleep through a blockbuster.)

But then opening day came…and went. I was too busy, too tired, had to clean the house.  The movie would be out all summer, so I’d have plenty of time.

But then the next weekend came, and the next. I had time to go to the movies, and I even looked up the Wonder Woman show times once or twice, but then just…didn’t go.

When I did get the chance to go to the movies, I found myself watching Baywatch (readers of this blog know my love for this one), Nicole Kidman’s The Beguiled (an unusual story worth watching) and then Dunkirk (the critics seem to love it, but I need some dialogue and plot in my films).

And here it is, two months later and I haven’t seen Wonder Woman.

And the truth, that I haven’t wanted to admit, is that I just don’t want to.

Superhero movies and I no longer just need some time apart. We’re broken up for good.