3 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #70: Have Mercy

  1. Love The Judds, and they really rock out on Have Mercy. Also, I think, Cousie, myself, and Poppy have it etched onto brains every word of this song, you sang it non-stop driving to Nashville, and driving back from Nashville. We survived that ride……HAVE MERCY!


  2. Omg! When I saw this title I just started laughing out loud! I think I can recite ALL of the lyrics right here! “Have mercy…on me! Treat me so bad, I’m in misery…it’s breaking my heart…can’t you see…baby, baby have mercy on me” “ow!” hahaha

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  3. I remember this song and that trip with fond memories.  We went to Nashville via Kings Island Cincinnati and back via Big Boss’s ranch in Kentucky


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