Ultimate Playlist #105: On A Bus to St. Cloud

Another Gretchen Peters penned gem. I’ve always thought this song was about a suicide, although it could just be about a lost love.

When Trisha Yearwood sings the final verse, it brings a tear to my eye:

And you chase me like a shadow

And you haunt me like a ghost

And I hate you some, and I love you some

But I miss you most

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #105: On A Bus to St. Cloud

  1. OH Mel! This song got me! I had never heard this song before, but love Trisha. Wow. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. It made me think of people that have passed on and how you sometimes see their face in crowd and have to do a double take. And the pang your heart feels when you realize that it can’t be them because they are gone. I love when songs can grab you like this.

  2. What a beautiful song that really tugs at your heart because I have felt many of the lines in this song. I especially love the lines
    “We were just gettin’ to the good part
    Just gettin’past the mystery”…..
    A song that can make you feel emotion and bring a tear to your eyes means that the writer has a true gift of words. Trisha has a beautiful voice, she gave life to the beautiful words that Gretchen Peters wrote, this song just made me a bigger Gretchen Peters fan.

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