DUETS WEEK #112: I’ve Got This Friend

When I was in high school, my friend Kris had Faith Hill’s Take Me As I Am CD.  She told me I had to hear this song between Faith Hill and Restless Heart’s Larry Stewart. At the end, we were besides ourselves….they are the friends! The friends are each other! I loved it so much that she made me a cassette tape of the album.

Back off Marie Kondo….this cassette tape still brings me joy!

This song takes me back to those high school sleepovers, Saturday nights at the mall, and just driving around with good friends. The song itself isn’t about any of those things, but that’s why music is so personal. There’s what the song means, and what the song means to you.

6 thoughts on “DUETS WEEK #112: I’ve Got This Friend

  1. I LOVE Faith Hill. And this is one of my favorite albums! Love this song. I love what music can do and where it can take you. Plus, I love your reference to Marie Kondo. I have been watching her show on Netflix and slowly tidying up and throwing things away that don’t spark joy!

  2. The good ole days! Love that you have the cassette and a picture to boot! I keep a Spotify list of your song choices. Each day I go and add your song to “Mel’s List”.

      • I have almost everything on it. except for the few I couldn’t find. (Garth is not on Spotify so his songs are difficult to add). Can’t say I love all the songs, but I have also found some new ones that I didn’t know about. It is fun to put on shuffle and let it go.

  3. I really enjoyed this song, this was the first time I have ever heard Larry Stewart sing a duet, he and Faith really sound good together. Very touching lyrics, and this is what friendship is all about. I know Kris always did have good taste in music.

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