Ultimate Playlist #123: Take It To The Limit

Is there a more talented group of musicians and singers than the Eagles? I don’t think so. My Mom and I saw them in concert a few years ago (before Glenn Frey passed away) and there is no one better live. Their harmonizing was amazing.

Here’s a great early one.

So take it…to the limit…one more time!

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #123: Take It To The Limit

  1. I love The Eagles, and Take It To The Limit, is in my opinion one of their best hits. Randy Meisner first sang the song in The Eagles early years, and then after he the left the group Glenn Frey sang it, Glenn did a great job with it, but Randy Meisner owns the song, no one can sing it like he did. The Eagles are a group that when you see them in person they just own it, no group or solo artist can touch them, their music is perfect from every lyric, to the harmonies, and every instrument that is played, they are pure perfection.

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