Ultimate Playlist #131: Just Around The Eyes

I wasn’t going to put this one on the list. I told myself I had too many Faith Hill songs. But are you really going to object to another Faith Hill song? If I was going to lose you on this song, I would’ve lost you long ago.

You probably don’t know this one, unless you’re a real Faith connoisseur. It’s from way back in 1993, and was never released as a single. But after digging up the cassette tape of her duet with Larry Stewart, I fell in love with this one again.

Seriously, what the heck is Faith judging some knock-off America Idol talent show when she can sing like this?

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #131: Just Around The Eyes

  1. I absolutely LOVE this song. I am a HUGE fan of this whole album. This song conjures up a lot of feelings. Both good and very sad. It makes me think of all those in my life that I have lost. And thinking of those times when I’ll be standing in the grocery store or driving down the road and think I catch a glimpse of that person/s. Bittersweet song.

  2. What a pretty song that really makes you think of good and heart tugging moments in one’s life. As I was listening, I could tell that this was one of Faith’s early songs, you can hear it in her voice, over the years her voice has become more mature and richer. Great choice.

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