2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #165: Letting Go

  1. Always liked this song and Suzy Boggus. Letting go is a song about life changes that we all face, life never stays the same, it always changes. This particular song is about the daughter going off to college and she has to let go, and it is also about the mother letting go. I know, I have played both the daughter and mother, I have felt it from both sides. I always try to look at the “letting go” moments in our lives as new adventures for me, and then when you came along, more adventures. I have loved each adventure we have shared together, and I know we will continue to have more adventures, after all life is all about letting go.

  2. Love this song, letting you go off to college was an exciting time full of hope and promise and new possibilities for you and us too.  But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some longing for what we all were leaving behind.

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