Ultimate Playlist #176: Dixie Road

As a little kid, I was obsessed with this song. It’s funny, now, because I obviously had no idea what it was about, but something about it wormed its way into my heart.

My mom had an orange Buick with a tape deck, and we had a little box of cassette tapes. I got to pick the tapes, and it was always Barbara Mandrell or Lee Greenwood’s Dixie Road.

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #176: Dixie Road

  1. One of my all time favorite songs about a man leaving his true love for the bright lights of fame, and then once he achieves it, he longs for what is really important in life, love. I also know this song is permanently imbedded in mine, Poppy’s and Cousie’s brain, we got to hear you sing this non-stop in the car driving 600 miles down to Nashville and the 600 miles back! The three of us know every lyric and note to this song!! Great memory! ….”My heart goes drifting down the dusty Dixie Road”…..

  2. omg! Please!! I have JUST now recovered from this song after YEARS of being tortured! Haha! Now is have PTSD all over again!! “Dixie road…take me home…to the place I belong! West Virginia…mountain mama….”!! OMG! hahaha!

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