Ultimate Playlist #179: The Song Remembers When

This Trisha Yearwood tune perfectly symbolizes what this Ultimate Playlist is all about…the way a song can take you right back to a time or a place you didn’t even know you could remember so vividly.

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #179: The Song Remembers When

  1. I agree with you Egg, “The Song Remembers When”, is a wonderful song that talks about how a song can touch you in a way that nothing else can, you are going along in life and suddenly a song comes on the radio, and you stop dead in your tracks and remember the deep corners in your mind of times long since past. The song puts you back in those times so dear to your heart that you are just frozen in the moment until the song ends. I love when certain songs make me stop dead in my tracks and open up those corners in my mind, that is wonderful music.

  2. This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE songs EVER. Of any artist. I have loved this song since the day I first heard it. I have ALWAYS connected with music and it reminds me of certain places and times in my life. A song will come on and I am transported back to my childhood, or high school, or college days. I absolutely love the power of music.

  3. Although not one of my fav’s I like this song and love the sentiment of songs transporting you back in time.

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