MCC Week #216: The Long Way Home

This song is my life’s anthem. The closer I live it, the happier I am.

For years, I had the words accidents and inspiration lead you to your destination taped above the back of my bedroom door. I still believe it. I’ll always believe it.

Or you could be the one who take the long way home

Roll down you window, turn off your phone

See your life as a gift from the great unknown

And your task is to receive it

As MCC sings in a different song with a similar message, don’t be late for your life. It’s a reminder to never forget what’s most important in the crush of the everyday.

Of all the songs I’ve posted, I really hope you like this one. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “MCC Week #216: The Long Way Home

  1. YES YES YES….Now this is my kind of song!!! (I think you knew it would be). Love this message MCC has it dead on! I adore this song, it speaks to me like no other song has.
    The message is how I live my life, no wonder you are my kid!!! What I love most in the song is the realism of it, so many people get trapped up in “things” and “keeping up with others”, that they lose sight of what is really important in life and that is not things, it is being true to yourself, not buying into the craziness of today’s world, and having everything that is made. I love the line “Roll down your window, turn off your phone”…except I would change one thing in that line…..I would throw my phone out the window and watch it smash all over the road and shout FREEDOM!! You know that is true. MCC taps into true freedom for yourself. I will always TAKE THE LONG ROAD HOME! I just love this song!!! GREAT CHOICE!!!

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