3 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #221: Some Gave All

  1. Perfect song for Memorial Day. The true meaning of Memorial Day gets lost, people think it is the official start of summer, a picnic in the park, a three day weekend. But the true meaning of Memorial Day is the men and women who gave their lives for their country. This song says it better than any song that I have ever heard of what Memorial Day is all about. All gave some, but SOME GAVE ALL…..meaning giving their lives to serve their country. This song always has my utmost respect.

  2. I remember when this album came out like it was yesterday. I fell in love with this song from the start. A beautiful video. It’s easy to forget in our day to day lives the sacrifice that our service men and women give every day for our freedoms.

  3. Touching song.  Some gave all then and some continue to give all today.  Too many forget and don’t fully appreciate those who give all. 

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