Ultimate Playlist #252: The Matador

Some men are difficult to love, and Gretchen Peters captures this perfectly. This song always reminded me of Ernest Hemingway. I have no idea if Gretchen Peters had him in mind, but he lived a life so full of adventure that he both attracted and repelled women in equal measure. (As evidenced by the presence of four wives, several of whom hated his guts when it was all over.)

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #252: The Matador

  1. WOW….is this a brutal song! Gretchen doesn’t mess around. The words to this song are brutal, sharp, biting and brilliant. I agree with you, she could be singing about Ernest Hemingway. Just a fascinating song in it’s sharp, biting lyrics. Great selection Egg!


  2. I love this! I love the accordion in this song too…you don’t hear that instrument very often. It’s very eerie sounding overall. I like it a lot.


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