Ultimate Playlist #262: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

I’m not a big Elton John fan. I actually never really liked this song all that much, but after watching Rocketman this weekend, I have a new appreciation for it.

Rocketman and this song portray the perils of excessive fame, and the longer for a simpler life.

One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #262: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

  1. I have always liked this song, but never knew why Elton John wrote it. After seeing the movie, the song takes on a whole new meaning, and the song is very poignant. Elton John couldn’t take the lifestyle of the rich and famous, he lost himself, he was on the top of the world, and he was miserable. Proof that money doesn’t buy everything, having money and fame can make you the most miserable and loneliest person on the planet. He wanted to get off the Yellow Brick Road to save himself and find happiness, that is what he did, and now he is truly happy. Great selection Egg


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