Ultimate Playlist #282: Angry All The Time

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill introduced me to this song. I like their remake, but when I looked up the original, I fell in love with it. Bruce Robinson and Kelly Willis bring the raw pain this song deserves.

The video is stellar as well.

You ain’t the only one who feels like this world left you far behind…

One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #282: Angry All The Time

  1. I never knew that this song was a remake, Tim and Faith’s version is first rate….until I watched this version. Bruce Robinson and Kelly Willis are superb in this video. I have never heard of Bruce Robinson before, where has he been hiding, the guy has a lot of talent! This video is fantastic, it brings the listener into this sad melancholy relationship so well. I have always loved this song when Tim and Faith sing it, now I love both versions of it. Absolutely Fantastic selection Egg…..I tip my hat to you.

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