One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #286: Nearest Distant Shore

  1. Another song that I had never heard, but this one really is a good one. As always Trisha really delivers with her beautiful voice, she can really touch the listener’s soul when she sings. This song is a song of a relationship that did not meet unrealistic expectations, IMO. As so many relationships do, in the beginning, things are wonderful, the starry eyes of love is in the air, then as time goes on, and you start seeing each other flaws, the problems start. One wants out, the other one wants out also. This song is about true life, I love these kinds of songs. Another great selection Egg……and yes, I did hear Garth in the background, I guess he had to swim to his Distant Shore when he was with Sandy, and when he got to the shore, Trisha was waiting for him….just a thought

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