Ultimate Playlist #288: Words By Heart

My favorite song from Billy Ray Cyrus’s pre-Miley mullet days, about a Dear John letter that he’s never gotten over.

Poured me a beer, then pictured your face

And drank a silent toast to things that time can’t erase

One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #288: Words By Heart

  1. I have never heard this one by BRC, but boy did I like it. Good song of a guy who tortures himself over a dear john letter. He keeps reading it over and over, learns the words by heart, it all adds up to self torture. Gotta feel sorry for people who do this to themselves. Anyways, I loved the video, BRC knows how to move, and he gives us ladies something delicious to feast our eyes upon while he sings, plus he can fill out a pair of jeans perfectly. Great selection Egg

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