2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #291: Meet In The Middle

  1. I agree with you, miss Diamond Rio, they put out a lot of good music. Meet In The Middle has always been one of my favorites by them, it speaks of a great message for couples….”compromise”. The most important part of being a couple is learning to compromise, or “meet in the middle”, when couples can’t figure this out, usually their relationship does not survive. It is the couples that learn to “meet in the middle” are the ones that usually survive. Meeting in the middle or compromise, is not always so easy, that is why I really like this song, it is positive, and speaks of love and meeting in the middle, when you get to the middle, now that is true love…..Great selection Egg


  2. I’ve actually heard of this song before! 🙂 i like it and it’s a great message to meet in the middle! Good advice for my wedding coming up!


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