Ultimate Playlist #309: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

In the end, I just couldn’t pick which version I like best. Judy Garland is a classic, and every note is perfect. But the ukulele version by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole is also flawless.

Both versions take what could be misinterpreted as a happy, upbeat song and infuse it with just the right touch of melancholy.

Listen to them both and pick your favorite, if you can.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #309: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  1. In my opinion, you can’t touch Judy Garland’s version, this is her song, and it always will be. She just commands this song with her lovely voice. I listened to the other version, I enjoyed it, it sure was different, but very nice in it’s own way. But for me, Judy’s version will always win me over. Plus, we both know what is truly over the rainbow, and you just can’t beat that. Great selection Egg

  2. This has always been one of my absolute favorite songs and if you put my song selections on shuffle you will find several different versions of this son -including one by Martina McBride that I like. Judy’s is the best in my opinion because it whisks me back to a time when I was young and eagerly awaited The Wizard of Oz to come on TV – I think it only came on once a year -so it was quite the movie night! I absolutely love Israel’s version too. It’s sweet, it’s longing and there is something about that ukulele.

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