2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #310: Strong Enough to Bend

  1. Have to agree with you Egg, this is Tanya at her finest! I adore this song, I love it’s message, and I love how Tanya delivers it. The song says love is hard at times, life can take you down some hard paths in life, and both partners will be hit with problems, you stand together and face them together, you both have to be “strong enough to bend” with life and it’s problems. When you stand together and bend with life, never ever let it break you. When you truly love someone you are Strong Enough To Bend…..exquisite selection Egg……P.S. I also think Tanya is at her finest on Strong Enough To Bend and equally on Two Sparrows In A Hurricane….just my opinion

  2. OH man!! Tanya! This takes me back to all the sleep overs at your house! MD used to play Tanya all the time! I love this song so much! Such a great message. I just read somewhere that Tanya is coming back with a new album!

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