One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #319: Grandpa

  1. This is my favorite Judd’s song, every time I listen to it, the song just draws me in and captivates me. I love the message in this song, a young woman trying to come to grips with her life and she is realizing that life can be difficult. I love the line “this world has gone crazy”. That was true when this song first came out and it is still true. The woman goes to her Grandpa for comfort and his wisdom in dealing with her life, I love that. This song also has another special place in my heart, it makes me think of all the times that you and Cousie went up to Pymatuning in the summer and spent weeks there with grandma and grandpa, I can only imagine the wisdom your grandpa taught you and Cousie….I know you both have a place in your heart for those summers. Great selection Egg


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