Ultimate Playlist #376: My Church

For Maren Morris, it’s driving around listening to country music. For you, it might be yoga, or fishing, or a long walk through the autumn leaves.

Here’s hoping you spend this Sunday in your favorite pew, whether or not it’s in a church.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #376: My Church

  1. What a GREAT inspirational song!!! I give it a BIG Hallelujah and an even bigger amen!!! Love this song and it’s message, plus Marren has a great voice. I think that Maren Morris and I go to the same church!!! Great selection Egg

  2. I like it.  Never heard it before and it took my attention away from what I was doing.  My church, a slow run, whether through the neighborhood, the trails or through town, I guess that’s my church

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