One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #475: Getting Good

  1. I really like this song, first time hearing it. At first, I was listening and I was not liking the lyrics, she is singing about life getting good when she would acquire “things”, big house, bigger whatever, that part was really turning me off, because I know that is not what makes life good. Then I listened to the second verse, now here is where the song pulled me in, she sings of what is REALLY important in life and it is not acquiring things, it is not the bigger house, and all of the other worthless material things that people keep buying in order to make themselves happy and wonder why they are still unhappy! GET A CLUE!! The key to happiness comes from within, it doesn’t come from material things, bigger is NOT better, it comes from the people in your life, and it comes from within, knowing that you are loved, and you have someone to love. It comes from simplicity, and it comes from appreciating the beauty that the world has to offer, it is there, just look for it. As you know Egg, I truly believe this, and I live by these thoughts. This song really expresses how I live and I have fell in love with this song. More people ought to listen and change their way of thinking, and then they just might find the REAL key to happiness.
    Great selection Egg

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