One thought on “SAD SONGS WEEK #482: Whiskey Lullaby

  1. Wow, now this is a sad song. Unfortunately I am sure this has happened to many times in real life. After watching the video and listening to the song, it made me feel like we had just watched that Clint Eastwood movie, wow, such a depressing song. So, onto the performance, a really good country song, I liked how Brad sang his part from the man’s point of view, and then Allison Krauss sang it from the woman’s point of view. That woman I think had it worse than her husband, she had to live with the guilt and shame of what she did. Guilt is one of the hardest emotions to live with. The video portrayed this song so well. I really enjoyed this song and video, and I am looking forward to this week’s song selections, as you know I do love the heart breaker songs. Fantastic selection Egg… the way, did you use plenty of hand sanitizer after typing? LOL

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