Ruby Red

When a multi-million dollar ruby belonging to Marie Antoinette is stolen from Lamont Auction House, Addison Merritt’s career—and the survival of the boutique house—is on the line. Addison teams up with sexy U.S. Marshal Michael Wright, but they are not the only ones looking for Rosette’s Ruby.

Romantic Suspense, 80k words   *2016 Golden Heart® Finalist

And others are willing to kill for it.

As the danger mounts and time runs out, Addison takes a bold gamble and risks everything—including her heart—to recover the ruby.

Christmas In Mount Holly

Contemporary Romantic Novella, 30k words

Meg Burkardt and Tucker Conway are never in the same place at the same time.

Except on Christmas.

Childhood friends separated when Tucker and his mother move away from Mount Holly, Tucker and Meg grow up with only occasional glimpses of one another’s lives when Tucker reluctantly visits his father at Christmas.

When Tucker returns for his father’s funeral, Meg realizes that it could be the last time she ever sees him. Tucker will never return to Mount Holly.

Unless Meg gives him a reason.

Black Velvet Muse

Women’s Fiction, 65k words

Livie Montrose has a loving husband, a gorgeous home, and two young sons. It was never the life she’d imagined for herself, but she’s found contentment, if not happiness, in the wake of her first husband’s murder.

Then she opens her door and finds Levi “Jeans” Hutchens standing on her porch, very much alive.

And now Livie must choose between the only man she’ll ever love and the sons who need her more than ever.