I don’t pretend to be a hockey fan. I’m a baseball girl, through and through, and a lapsed football fan.  But I haven’t watched a single minute of NHL Hockey this season.

Until now.

Because if you live in Pittsburgh and the Penguins are playing for the cup, you’ve got to pay attention. It’s practically a requirement for citizenship.

It’s often said that Pittsburgh is a sports town, and that’s never truer than when a team is winning. All of a sudden, everyone is wearing black and gold.  See, that’s the brilliance of the Pittsburgh professional sports scene—the Penguins, Pirates, and Steelers all sport black and gold as their colors.  So fans can get away with wearing a McCutcheon t-shirt to a Penguins game.  The die-hards wouldn’t dare mix sports this way, but the rest of us?

We’re just jumping on the bandwagon.

Suddenly everyone in the ‘Burgh has a deeply held—and loudly expressed—opinion on Pekka Rinne, catfish and how P.K. Subban had it coming.

Pittsburghers who pride themselves on being the best fans in all of sports were, quite frankly, taken to school by the Nashville fans. Then we brought out the big guns for game five.  You won’t catch us sleeping again.

So while I’m admittedly just as interested in seeing what Carrie Underwood is wearing as anything that is happening on the ice, tonight I’ll have my television set tuned in to the best game in town.

It doesn’t matter that this will be the first game I’ve watched all season.

When Lord Stanley’s Cup is in the building, we’re all die-hards.

Let’s Go Pens!