I love music.  Like people, some songs stay with you for a season, and some forever.  Some songs get you through a period of your life, or describe a moment better than you ever could.  You hear a song years later and it takes you right back to that moment.  Some songs you forget.  Some songs you never could.

In a new series for the blog, I’m going to post a video of a song I love every day for the next year.  365 songs.  Some will be my ultimate favorites, some will be new songs I’ve heard and enjoy.  I’m looking for whimsy rather than a carefully curated list of favorites.  One song a day.  Call it the Ultimate Playlist.

I won’t link these posts through Facebook everyday, so as not to clog up people’s feeds.  If you want a daily e-mail notification when the song goes up (as well as other posts), please follow my blog!

I’ll continue to do the weekly Sunday posts.

To kick things off, let’s start with a good old tear jerker.

As Anna Quindlen wrote in her novel Black and Blue, “The good thing about country music is that you can cry when you listen to it, pretend it’s the music you’re crying about.”

Here is Gretchen Peters singing If Heaven.