This is the week.

We’ve been waiting for what seems like years to find out what’s going to happen next.

The very fate of America hangs in the balance. Will we remain a group of tribes squabbling amongst ourselves for land and position in society?  Or we will come together as one nation under God and stand up against the Mad King?

Will it be war or peace?

Can the future be changed?

This week, we will see the first step in the journey. Only time will tell how things will end.  There will be violence, danger, and sacrifice on all sides.  There will be heroes and villains, courageous fighters ever loyal to the cause, and cowardly deserters.

Will you be there for the journey?

Most of us have a defined time and place where we will participate. Do it in your community, with a group of friends.  Make sure everyone you know participates.  Make clever stickers to commemorate the moment.  Watch the results on your television.

Some of us can do it early if we have the right conditions. But I urge you not to do it late.

And don’t even think about waiting for the DVD.

We left them shipwrecked on a Georgia beach last December.

We find them in Charleston, 1767.

Jamie and Claire Fraser take their adventure to the New World.

It all begins tonight at eight o’clock.

Be there for the season four premier of Outlander.

Wait…you’re surprised?  What did you think I was talking about?