Ultimate Playlist #19: Fancy

Before there was Taylor Swift, there was Reba McEntire.  Like Taylor, Reba is first and foremost a showman.  Reba was the queen of the costume change, the story-song, and the famous duets.

She took music videos to the next level in country music.  She has at least a dozen that are bonafide three minute movies.

But a good video starts with a good story-song, and Fancy is one of my favorites.  It sounds as good today as the first time I ever heard it.


2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #19: Fancy

  1. Great song! Reba can belt out anything and it is great. I have always loved Fancy, it is a great story, and the video is just perfect. I think Reba has modeled her life and career after the quote “To thy own self be true”. Reba sits alone at the top of Country Music Greatness

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