fall back

The fall time change messes me up.

The spring ahead in March should be the more drastic of the time changes. After all, that’s the one where we lose an hour of precious sleep.

But the March spring ahead doesn’t much bother me. It is a harbinger of warmer weather, springtime flower, and longer days.  In comparison, one measly hour isn’t much of a sacrifice.

But the fall back is different. We gain an hour of sleep, but the price is steep.  Immediately, we start driving home from work in the dark.  The bright morning sun makes me panic that I’ve overslept.

And we know what’s coming…snow, ice, cold, and what I call the “dark-dark days of winter.” Those are the days where you leave for work in the dark, and return home at the end of the day I the dark.  Winter has more appeal for me than it used to, but I never long for those short days of December and January.

For nearly a week now, I’ve felt off. I’m tired early but unable to sleep.  My transition is nearly complete, and I’ll try to enjoy the lit up mornings while they last.

But I’m already looking forward to giving that hour back in early March.