Ultimate Playlist #30: Years

Before there was Taylor, there was Reba.  We’ve covered that.  But before Reba, there was Barbara Mandrell.  She was the triple threat–great singer, played every instrument you could put in front of her, and a showman to boot.  For my money, she’s the greatest of the three.

As a kid, I used to love to watch the Barbara Mandrell show, a variety show she hosted with her sisters.

I could pick two dozens, and even though Barabara was country when country wasn’t cool, we’ve got to go with a ballad.  This is her best.



One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #30: Years

  1. Great choice, Barbara is the best! She really belts this song out, after over thirty years of listening to ‘YEARS”, it is still one of my all time favorite ballads.

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