Ultimate Playlist #47: You Oughta Know

There’s an old, overused comment about Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill album, that Ironic is indeed the most ironic song ever written, as she doesn’t use the title word correctly.

But focusing on Ironic at all (or Hand In My Pocket, or Head Over Feet for that matter) is completely missing the point of Jagged Little Pill.  What is so great about the entire album, is the raw rage of a woman mistreated by the men around her.  I mean, Right Through You, told people everything they needed to know about being a woman in the entertainment industry 22 years before the Me Too Movement.

Jagged Little Pill‘s best moments are in All I Really Want, Forgiven, and Not the Doctor, and Wake Up.

This is one of the few CDs that I nearly wore out in the nineties.

And of course, it all started with You Oughta Know.  

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