Ultimate Playlist #56: Suspicious Minds

This might be blasphemous, but I can’t really say that I love Elvis.  He’s got a unique voice, but he’s not someone I sit around and listen to, except for Suspicious Minds.  Love this song.  I teetered between this version and the Dwight Yoakam remake, which is also excellent.

But in the end, I went with the King.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #56: Suspicious Minds

  1. The King has got it all over skinny boy Dwight Yoakum. No one can ever top The King, that is why Elvis is The King. Elvis really rocks out on Suspicious Minds, in my opinion, his is the best rendition I have ever heard. Elvis could sing any type of music and do it better than anyone, from rock to gospel to country to blues. When Elvis sang it, the song became magic. Elvis’s magic is better than anyone else’s that is why he is The King after being gone for over forty years. He had the voice, the looks, the charisma, the magic. Aaaah, can you tell that I love Elvis? Suspicious Minds is one of my all time favorite songs by Elvis…..Pure Perfection

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