Ultimate Playlist #88: Sweet Spot

Tift Merritt once said, “Good songs are about more than one thing.” This is true of books, movies, poems, and all creative works.

Sweet Spot is good song, and is about searching and chasing and cherishing life, love, and art. It’s also about who will go along with you on your journey, and for how long. At least, that’s what it means to me.

I’m just looking for that sweet spot where I can live the way that I want.

Don’t we all.

Also, I love the beat up red guitar Tift is playing in this video. I’ve seen her play it before on YouTube, and I’ve seen her play it live.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #88: Sweet Spot

  1. First song that I have heard by Tift, and boy did I like it. Love the message that Tift is singing about. Most of us search for the Sweet Spot and I believe if you search hard enough, you will find it, at least this is the way that I look at life. The Sweet Spot equals happiness


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