Ultimate Playlist #93: I’ll Come Back As Another Woman

My cousin Jamie and I used to listen to Tanya Tucker’s Greatest Hits. I have about six cassette tapes that I can’t bear to part with, and this is one of them.

I’ve never heard of a song with a similar presence–that a woman is going to come back as another woman and break the heart of the man who’s just broken hers.

This is a great cassette from beginning to end.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #93: I’ll Come Back As Another Woman

  1. Tanya Tucker could always belt out a great song, she is one of the best. I remember this song very clearly, and I always liked it, I love the spin on it, coming back as another woman to get back at her man.

  2. I have Sirius radio and Tanya Tucker came on the other night and I started screaming in the car! Joe and Alex were so confused! LOL!! This is such a great song! I loved that album! Adding to my list of songs to download now that I can read your blog!

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