DUETS WEEK #110: Islands In The Stream

There’s something about this song that is greater than the sum of its parts. On paper it shouldn’t work. The lyrics are so-so. The pairing of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton seems a little off.

But their chemistry is off the charts. They’re having a great time, and thus so are we. Dolly’s little mistake in the live version below somehow makes them even more charming. Islands In The Stream is what we’re all looking for in a duet–magic.

3 thoughts on “DUETS WEEK #110: Islands In The Stream

  1. EXCELLENT choice for Duet Week, this song has always been a favorite of mine, plus I remember seeing this actual performance of this video, Dolly and Kenny brought the house down. You are so right Dolly and Kenny created pure magic with this song. Plus I love the video, this was before Kenny Rogers had his facelift, and now he looks very strange. I always wondered, did Dolly have undies on or not, her dress slit is cut so high….just amuses me. This song is still magic after all of these years, I never get tired of hearing it. Kenny and Dolly did another duet later on and it never got close to the magic they created with Islands In The Stream……pure perfection

  2. I was so curious as to when the song came out that I looked it up, Islands In The stream was released in Aug. of 1983, and I became a number one song on the Billboard Charts.

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