Ultimate Playlist #135: Landslide

I wouldn’t call myself a Fleetwood Mac fan–they’re before my time and I wasn’t exposed to them in my teenage years, when a heart is most open to new music. But this song always popped up on the contemporary rock stations and the Dixie Chicks covered it. I don’t really understand what this song is about, or what Stevie Nicks is trying to tell me, but the way this tune meanders through melancholy always puts me in a pleasantly contemplative mood.

One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #135: Landslide

  1. When I saw this pop up in my email box I was really curious to see which version you were going to post – Fleetwood Mac or Dixie Chicks. I am a HUGE fan of this song and love both versions. I grew up loving both Fleetwood Mac and the Chicks! Great song choice!

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