Ultimate Playlist #150: Man! I Feel Like A Woman

Let’s go girls!

What in the world happened to Shania Twain? In 1997, every single person alive had her Come On Over CD. It broke sales records, and nearly every song was a hit. It was like a greatest hits. She was everywhere. She played the Superbowl.

She was on top of the world. But then it was five years before she followed up Come On Over with a new record that flopped. And then…nothing.

I don’t get it. No one did pop country better.

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #150: Man! I Feel Like A Woman

  1. When Shania Twain performed, she just dazzled her audience. What a real loss that she doesn’t perform anymore, she was just electrifying to watch

  2. OMG….this album got played until it could play no more! Even if you weren’t a country fan…you were a Shania fan! Great album…great song choice.

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