Ultimate Playlist #169: Songs About Rain

Have I mentioned how sexy I find Gary Allan? The scruff, the hat, and most of all, that gravelly country voice. Songs About Rain is a modern country song with an old time, classic feel. It paints such a picture to me–I can see Gary driving around in a beat-up pickup truck, all the lights red, all the stores closed, all his dreams dashed. And all the songs coming through his radio just rubbing it in.

One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #169: Songs About Rain

  1. First time I have heard this song, and I agree with you, it does have an old time country appeal with the modern edge to it. Gary Allan does have a unique voice, I also like the gravelly appeal of it. After listening to this song and really enjoying it all I can say is “Poor guy”!
    Another great song chosen, I wonder if Gary and this song will be mentioned in your latest book in some sly way?

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