Ultimate Playlist #212: Everything that Glitters is Not Gold

The flip side of fame, and the ones it often leaves behind.

Everybody said you’d make it big someday
And I guess that we were only in your way
But someday I’m sure you’re gonna know the cost
‘Cause for everything you win, there’s somethin’ lost

A gem by Dan Seals.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #212: Everything that Glitters is Not Gold

  1. Love this song, always have, this is an oldie but goody! I love the story it tells, story songs are my favorite kind of song. This story of a woman who goes off to seek fame and the spotlight, and the cost of leaving her loved ones behind. Agree with you, love the line, because it is so true …” The cost, everything you win, there’s something lost”. Also how true the line is “as for me, I’ve come to know that everything that glitters is not gold”. I know a lot of people in this world have learned this lesson the hard way, this is why this song will endure the test of time, it taps into people’s hearts with the truth. Great selection Egg.

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