2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #241: Tears In Heaven

  1. I had to do this song justice, I had to wait until I had some quiet time with no distractions to give this song my full attention. Even thou I have heard this song many times, every time I listen to it, it feels like it is the first time. Quality writing and just gut wrenching emotion comes to the surface when Eric Clapton sings this song. The listener feels Eric’s pain and sorrow with every word that he sings, and every strum of his guitar. This song is both beautiful and so sorrowful at the same time, because it is about the loss of his little boy. One of the all time best songs in my book, and yes, Eric Clapton you do belong in heaven, and Connor will know your name.


  2. Oh this song brings tears to my eyes. I remember when he lost his son–he fell from a window. I don’t know how he manages to sing this song like he does. It’s a tragically beautiful song.


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