Ultimate Playlist #244: The Bar’s Getting Lower

This one is off Reba’s new album. That’s right, Reba is still making music. And damn good music, too. The Bar’s Getting Lower is a song about a woman who once had big dreams, and has seen them slip away with each passing year.

She’s getting older, and the bar’s getting lower.

Now that’s a gut punch. And setting at its saddest.

One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #244: The Bar’s Getting Lower

  1. Reba always “Brings It”, and this song is no exception. I really like this song, but boy do I feel sorry for some older women. Trying to date again and realizing that you don’t have it like you used to because you are getting older, what a slap of reality. This song makes the listener really feel for older women, and the pain they face when their is nothing they can do about getting older, about trying to accept that they have to “settle” sometimes, that has got to be hard to do. Great selection Egg.


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