2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #278: Just A Dream

  1. As soon as I saw this was the song of the day, it was STOP and listen at 6am. This is my favorite song by Carrie Underwood, she really brings it when she sings this song. A song full of such gut wrenching sadness mostly because I know this has happened to a lot of people, they have their whole lives planned out, they are in love, and plan to marry, then BAM, one of them is gone in an instant. Carrie makes the listener feel every note and lyric, that girl can sing. One of the best songs in your collection Egg……

  2. I love Carrie and I love this song. I’ve never seen the video for this song before. What a tear jerker. Carrie is phenomenal in her singing. This video just made me sit at my computer and cry and think about how often this scenario happens.

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