2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #306: I Love The Way You Love Me

  1. I have always found this song just simply enchanting. I love every lyric, and John Michael Montgomery just nails this song. I love the message in it, this is how true love is supposed to be, you love how your partner loves you so much that you are simply enchanted with it. This kind of love will most likely last till “death do us part”. Anytime I hear this song I always stop to just “feel this song” when I hear it. I have also thought this song is so beautiful, and it always makes me sad in a way because as beautiful as this song is, it saddens me to know that most couples will never feel this way a whole lifetime with their partner. Just a few really lucky people have what this song is about, and these are the truly “rich” people in life. Great selection Egg.

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