Ultimate Playlist #325: American Pie

Garth Brooks covers this (or at least he used to) at the end of all of his concerts. I remember him saying once that he had no idea what the song was about, and he didn’t care, he still loved it.

I feel the same way. Take it away, Don McLean…

One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #325: American Pie

  1. I have always loved this song, brings back many memories of when it came out when I was a teenager. This song truly stands the test of time, even thou I have heard it countless times, every time I hear it, I always stop to listen and take in every word. Just an outstanding song, that makes the listener feel so much inside. And I do know that Garth used to close his shows with American Pie, not sure if he still does, but when we saw him, he did, and Garth did an excellent job with his version, he owned it. It is Don Mclean’s song, but Garth holds his own with his version…..Excellent choice Egg

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