One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #341: She’s Got You

  1. Another one of my all time favorites, you can never go wrong with Patsy Cline. I agree with you Egg, “Crazy”, is Patsy’s signature song, but I like some of her other songs a lot better than Crazy, and “She’s Got You” is definitely one of them. I like this song so much, the lyrics really display how empty it must feel when you love a married man with all of your heart but he really belongs to his wife, and the emptiness you feel every time he leaves and you wait for him to come back, then you have to be content with his picture when he is gone. Very empty and sad feeling, and with Patsy singing this song with her magical voice makes He’s Got You stand the test of time. Each generation that hears it can really appreciate a great country song. Great selection Egg.

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