Ultimate Playlist #359: Leather and Lace

How did I miss this one on duets week? Stevie Nicks and Don Henley just kill it. I love how the lyrics of this song seem to say one thing, but their voices and the music seem to say another. While she claims that he’ll “never be walking out the door”, you know that’s just what he’ll do.

One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #359: Leather and Lace

  1. First time hearing this song. What a really nice song. The girl in the song is going to be really disappointed when the guy finally leaves, and the listeners know he will. He sounds so free and independent, she sounds so clingy and needy…..this relationship does have an end to it, and the girl is going to be shattered like a glass falling to the floor. Anything with Don Henley in it turns to gold, and once again he works his magic with this song. Great selection Egg

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