Ultimate Playlist #392: Sexy Soundtrack Week: “The Ludlows” from Legends of the Fall

This will likely be the only instrumental song on the entire Ultimate Playlist, and certainly the only one for Sexy Sonndtrack Week.

Legends of the Fall is one of my top five favorite movies. Maybe top three. It has everything I love–cowboys, the myth of the West, a steamy love triangle, and a bittersweet tone.

Legends of the Fall is the story of a woman who unintentionally cleaves a family apart. It’s about the loss of innocence and how life can wear you down to the bone.

I’ve watched it so many times that just hearing this score I can remember the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #392: Sexy Soundtrack Week: “The Ludlows” from Legends of the Fall

  1. You KNEW I would adore this!!!! I love this movie, as you know it is one of my all time favorites. I remember vividly the first time we saw this movie in the theatre, and how captivating this movie is. First of all you have Brad Pitt at his absolute finest, both acting and physically, that guy is the hottest thing on the screen, he just sizzles all over. Then you have the sultry Susanna, the temptress who was content to marry the dishrag Samuel….until…..she saw Tristan, and boy did she change, she went after him like a lion on a gazelle….can’t blame her. Their love story was tender, and it was also full of trials, tribulations and boundaries…..that were crossed, and once crossed, you could never go back. Great story. One of the best of many scenes in the movie for me was when during the war, Tristan was unable to save Samuel, that scene leaves a scar on any who watch the movie. Also, it left a permanent scar in Tristan’s heart that he was never fully able to recover from. So onto the music of this movie, I have seen many movies, but this was the first movie EVER to captivate me with the music all through out the movie. The music just made the movie, the captivating score just elevates this movie to pure perfection. Then you add in the exquisite scenery all through out the movie, it was just pure magic. The music, the scenery, the actors, the plot line all were incredible. Can you tell that this is one of my favorite movies? On top of all of this who can forget the bear? Incredible movie from start to finish. Great selection Egg

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