One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #411: Borrowed

  1. LeAnn can sure sing. This song is actually a very good song, but a very pathetic song if you really listen to the lyrics. It is the all to familiar tale of adultery, the woman who is willing to settle for some time with a married man, and she always knows in the back of her mind that he will never really be hers. She is content to “Borrow” him for a little while. They do the nasty, all is good, then he leaves, and she starts the all to familiar feelings of regret, inadequacy, remorse, and the realization that “I” will never be number one with this man, but I feel so little of myself that I will settle for a cheap number two position in his life. Women like this are just pathetic. Rise above, and get a backbone, and then go get a man that you don’t have to “BORROW”. Great selection Egg

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