Ultimate Playlist #425: If That Chair Could Talk

This is a clever and sentimental story of an ordinary family, told from the point of view of an ordinary, imitation leather pink Naugahyde chair.

I think everyone with a happy childhood spends the rest of their life grieving its loss, and this song captures that bittersweet nostalgia.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #425: If That Chair Could Talk

  1. I really like this song, while listening, it took me back to my childhood, which I have to say I had a happy adventure filled childhood, lots of adventures with my parents and brothers and sister, especially my sister. Aunt Sue was ALWAYS an adventure into the great unknown. If one of our chairs could talk, well we can’t reveal some of the adventures with Aunt Sue on FB, but I love the message of this song, and it does bring back heart warming memories. Great selection Egg

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