3 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #426: Yesterday

  1. I also was never a big Beatles fan, and I do remember when they popped on the scene in the early 60’s (god, I do date myself, lol) I remember how magical they were, and they just dominated the music scene. I never really cared much for their music, hey, when you are country when country wasn’t cool, life is just that way. Then we have the “but”, and here it is, I agree with you Egg, YESTERDAY, is a masterpiece, it is one of the few Beatles songs that I really like, YESTERDAY, and IMAGINE, now these two songs, are both my favorite Beatles songs, both are masterpieces with their messages. They both are timeless and I when I hear them, I always stop and listen to every word. When you do that over forty years to a song, that classifies it as a masterpiece, at least it does for me. Plus Paul McCartney was the cutest Beatle in my opinion. Great selection Egg

  2. Yesterday is a beautiful, enchanting song. As mentioned above…a true masterpiece. This song has managed to transcend time and I imagine it will be just as popular and well known for years to come.

  3. I remember really licking the early Beatles, but I haven’t heard them in a long time so I’m not sure they sound the same.  this Yesterday doesn’t sound as good as I remembered.  It is still a good song though.

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